Unix Date Format to SQL DateTime

Epoch to SQL Date Time

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Merge Join

Merge join is a strategy which sql servers takes up when condition on which the table is joined is a column which is ordered ; this happens when lets say that two table T1, T2 have columns T1C and T2C T1C and T2C are the columns on which the tables are joined these both columns […]

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Joins Of SQL Server

So this comes in to your mind that the joins in sql are Inner join, left join , right join , cross join well the thing is that sql server does not know that, for sql server its just syntax which is decoded and sql server works on it in the following three plans. Merge […]

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Back up Types

Three types of back up : Full Differential Transnational Full As the name suggests, Full Copy involves taking back up of all the database this also includes log files, this enables to restore database to the state where the backup was taken Differential This involves taking the copy of the latest changed data, a Differential […]

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Why Normalize Data?

Normalization is one of the most important and basic database principle , why is it that important? So if you are a sql developer and you come across a table in which there are comma separated values and those are to be used to join another table ; what would you do? Parse it one […]

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